Metrognome Halloween Party 1998 Images Page

Poster By O'Rielly

Here are some shots from teh big Parker Halloween party. (That is King Tom, a true card, below.) Of course first things first, above is the poster for the party that O'Rielly made. As for the other shots, the band (being the publicity hounds that they are) are naturally just fine with being on the internet, but the revelling guests? Who knows? So images of just a few of those guests (it was a big party) have been messed with to protect the innocent... And below the pictures you'll find the front and back covers of the tape, which somehow on its way through digitalia back to analog ended up sounding very so so. If you've heard that the video sounds altogether better, you've heard right.

Metrognome - Singin' Blurs 

 The Lady Bug and Boris The Spider

 A Couple Clowns

 Metrognome - Gig's Over


 Hard To Keep Up With These Two

 Nah, None Of The Guys Were Checking Out That Mermaid...

 Fine Old King Tom

 Outside Tape Cover

 Inside Tape Cover