from the legendary clipper ship books

So who are these gnomes? These Metrognomes?

from the legendary clipper ship booksWell, visit the History page for full enlightenment, but for here and now suffice it to say that these days the following group of people are the most guilty: Lance Kutchins, Rob Morton, Rich Niego and Tim Parker. Incredibly guilty also is Tom Parker. Guilty to a slightly lesser degree is Rich Apple. Guilty by association are Rich O'Rielly, Julie O'Rielly (aka Kanani Oka'aina) and Scott Hyatt.

All these people you'll see or hear on recent Metrognome efforts and at recent Metrognome events.

from the legendary clipper ship booksA host of others have been associated in the past, and just to be sure to embarrass them here and share some of the guilt, I'll at least list Mike McHam, Joe Marquand, Tom Hauver, John Bauer, Yolanda Parker, Randy Morton, Lori Savate, Lin Campbell, Bob Darlington... Others? Confess to the webmaestro and you'll feel much better.

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