Unauthorized, Immaterial Ancient History Of Metrognome

from the legendary clipper ship booksThe history of Metrognome is as wide and varied as people's memories of it. For those who never had a clue, there is no history. For those who were around, the history is either obvious or frighteningly dubious. Lots of sessions. Few gigs. A gazebo performance with fireworks. Miles of reel to reel tape. Incessant resonance of bass lines bouncing unglued off the walls. Unamplified vocal work straight into the mics... There was the Morton Living Studios, The Apartment, The Ranch, Apple's... There was the trombone, Synthia, a baby grand, the electric ukulele, the alleged death of a violin... And of course there were the long, lost "Genius Tapes" which were completely a cappella, in a jabbering, non-musical sort of way...

All that while the U.S. was losing an unjust War in Vietnam.

Continuing years saw Metrognome moving both North and South. Cardiff by the Sea. Santa Cruz. Arcata. A mere concept encompassing all of California?

from the legendary clipper ship booksMetrognome did in part reconstitute itself eventually. Tim, Rob, Lance - all founding members or erstwhile insiders - gathered some new faces, voices, and sounds. Apple ventured to the greater L.A. area now and again for some limited involvement. Rob's ex-wife-to-be added some vocal work, and Tim's niece tickled the ivories to produce "Therapy", challenging only the previously released "Metrognome's Greatest Hits" for instant cult-status notoriety. To purchase either today remains as impossible as ever.

When and where Niego entered the picture is anybody's guess; this ancient history was originally written in 1999, and there he was then, as was Yolanda, and at that time Tom was just getting into the picture. Also back then we had some guest appearances of Yolanda's daughter Chrissie, and Apple was back to sing "Said And Done", which, back when this was originally written, brought us to the Halloween Gig, 1998.

And as for the Metrognome history being written today? Oh, just go back to the About page...

Metrognome then? Metrognome now? It's like Don Van Vliet said, "The stars are matter. We're matter. But it doesn't matter."

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